Chintimini Kennel Club, Corvallis Oregon

CKC Lure Coursing Practices

Practices - Getting your Dogs to have Fun:
Public lure coursing practices are open to all dogs, AKC registered or not. Chintimini Kennel Club holds coursing practices about once or twice per month through most of the year. All breeds (including non-sighthounds) are welcome to participate. Practice involves running a straight or a simple zig-zag run over a 100 yard distance. A $5 donation per dog is suggested. We usually provide three runs for each dog.

The goal of our practices is to get the dogs keen to chase the lure. With straights and zig-zag runs we have been very successful in developing good lure coursing dogs (we have lost count of all the field champions that started at our practices).

Next Practice is Sunday 24 September at 3pm in Junction City (Click here to get practice schedule, locations and directions.)

For more information on practice schedules, lure coursing activities or to be added to the email list, contact us at:

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