Chintimini Kennel Club, Corvallis Oregon

CKC Lure Coursing For All Dogs - CATS and FASTCATS

Lure coursing tests (Coursing Ability Test, aka CAT) are now sanctioned by AKC for all breeds and mixed breeds that are AKC registered or have a canine partner number. Dogs, at least 12 months old, run a course with at least four turns. The course is a 600 yard course for dogs over 12 inches at the withers or a 300 yard course for dogs under 12 inches and brachycephalic dogs. The course is shortened to 2/3 the distance for older dogs. The dog is judged on a pass/fail basis. Dogs participating in CAT events can earn AKC CAT suffix titles.

In the Fast CAT. Dogs run a timed 100 yard sprint and based on their running times earn points for a AKC suffix title. Click on the blue links for more information about FASTCATs and CAT Events.

For CAT and FAST CATs, each event is a single run. Entry to all of our CAT and FASTCAT events is through on-line entry forms. The on-line form will let you enter all events of the weekend with one form. A seperate form must be completed for each dog being entered.

Dates for 2021 All Breed Lure Coursing CATs and FAST Cats:

NEW DATES - October 9 and 10.  Due to excessive heat the August 14 and 15, AKC CAT (Coursing Ability Tests) has been rescheduled to October 9 and 10.  Two events each day. Cottage Grove OR. Click here for the Premium This is a limited entry event.  Entries are now closed to to Entry Limits.  Click here to be placed on a waiting list.

Links to 2021 FASTCAT Results: 

April Events:  Saturday - 2021098826, 2021098827, Sunday - 2021098828, 2021098832

July Events:  Friday - 2021098816, Saturday - 2021098817, Thursday - 2021098818

August Events:  Saturday 1 - 2021098821, Sunday 1 - 2021098822, Saturday 2 - 2021098823, Sunday 2 - 2021098824

Volunteers Welcome: 

Are you interested in volunteering at one of our upcoming lure coursing event   Click here to sign up. We are happy to train new people.

New to AKC Coursing: 

    Are you interested in participating in one of our AKC sponsored All breed coursing events but don't have an AKC registered dog?

You have three options to get your dog registered:

  1. If you have a purebred dog and know the breeder, check with the breeder to get information to registere the dog with AKC.
  2. If you have a dog that is a purebred dog and you don't know the breeder you can apply for a PAL (Purebred Alternate Listing) number. For sighthounds, these dogs can compete for AKC championship points in all lure coursing competition events (see "Sighthound Lure Coursing"), and CAT and FASTCATS..
  3. If you don't know if the dog is a mix breed dog, then you can apply for a canine partner number. This was created by AKC to allow all dogs to participate in some AKC events such as coursing ability tests (CATs) and the FASTCAT events.

Are you interested in officiating at one of our CAT events?

AKC Coursing Ability Tests can be officiated, in addition to AKC licensed Lure Coursing Judges, by qualified "Coursing Evaluators". If you are interested in being a CAT evaluator for a Chintimini Kennel Club event and you are not an AKC Lure Coursing Judge, then please complete the the CKC CAT Lure Coursing Evaluator Certification form. Click on this blue link for a copy.

Event Secretaries for Coursing Ability Tests and FAST-CAT timed stright runs might find these Microsoft Excel spread sheets useful for reporting event results to AKC:

Fast CAT Results final.xlsx is used to report FAST-CAT results using a calculation to convert times MPH calculations (not based on the AKC speed table). Fast CAT Master Report.pdf provide instructions on how to use this spread sheet.

CAT Results final.xlsx is used to report CAT results. CAT Master Report.pdf provides instructions on how to use this spread sheet.

Thanks to Stephanie Kennerley at AKC for helping finalize these report spread sheets and documentation.

A Microsoft Access database program that will allow allow secretaries to maintain a database of dogs entering events and which will produce tables used by the "Result" excel spread sheets. Check for develoments.