Chintimini Kennel Club, Corvallis Oregon

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American Kennel Club
AKC is not only the registry for purebred dogs, but the governing body for conformation & obedience events as well as other performance events. Their web site is extremely informative for anyone interested in the sport of dogs.

Welcome Waggers
Welcome Waggers Therapy Dogs is a local, all volunteer, therapy dog group serving Corvallis and the surrounding areas. All of our teams are registered with the national organization Alliance of Therapy Dogs (aka Therapy Dogs Incorporated). A therapy dog's primary job is to provide the opportunity for people to have contact with a SAFE, friendly dog. A good therapy dog should enjoy the physical contact as much as the person enjoys petting them!

Heartland Humane Society
Heartland is an animal shelter located off of SW 3rd street in Corvallis, Oregon. They also serve as the local pound.

Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
Onofrio is the dog show superintendent we use for our shows. You can enter any Onofrio show on-line or sign up on their mailing list to have Onofrio show premium lists sent to you.

Benton County Dog Control
Benton County Sheriff's Office Animal Control is committed to promoting and protecting the welfare, health, and well being of both animals and people living in our community. That is accomplished by enforcing Benton County Animal Code and the State of Oregon Animal Control Laws.