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How To Enter CKC Conformation Shows and Coursing Trials

(This page is under construction but here are a few tips)

Chintimini Kennel Club sponsors three types of AKC events, Our annual AKC dog show with conformation, obedience and rally trials in late March/early April of each year, a Sanctioned B Match with conformation, obedience and rally in September and Lure coursing trials and coursing ability tests in late Spring through Fall. Information on dates of these events can be obtained by clicking the "Club's AKC Events" link.

To enter any of the Chintimini Kennel Club events you first need to get an Event premium with entry forms. Please pay close attention to event closing dates. Entries must be received by these dates. Premiums for CKC conformation, obedience and rally show and the lure coursing events can be obtained by clicking on the "Event Premiums & other documents" link.

For all CKC events your dog must be registered with the American Kennel Club. On entry forms you will be asked for their AKC registration, Canine Partner (mixed breeds), or PAL (Purebred Alternate Listing) number.

Entering Conformation Shows, Obedience and Rally Trials

The entry form for these events is found on the last page of the show premium. Use one entry blank per dog only, if the information is exactly the SAME for each day. Carefully check the block(s) for each show in which you wish to enter your dog. You MUST use a SEPARATE entry blank if you are entering your dog in a different class on different days. (eg. 6-9 puppy on day 1 and Bred-By-Exhibitor on Day 2) or if you are entering an additional class on any of the days (Open Class on Day 1 and Open Class plus Jr. Showmanship on Day 2). Fill in all applicable blanks making sure to sign where indicated near the bottom. Write everything legibly. If you are in doubt, use a separate entry form for each dog, each day.

Entering Lure Coursing Events

Entry forms for lure coursing events are found on the last page of the event premiums. Computer fillable forms (PDF) are also available on this webpage ("Event Premiums & other documents"). Please remember to complete a separate entry form for each dog, for each event. Unlike conformation show entry forms you must use a separate form for each event and each dog. Thus, if you enter 3 dogs for Saturday and 1 for Sunday you need to submit 4 entry forms and 4 entry fees. Be sure you have the correct event number on your entries!!! Each day has a different event number! For QC Certification we recommend that you complete two forms for each dog. One form must be submitted with your trial entry form and one QC form is for your records.

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